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Hi and welcome to my homepage showcasing my banknote collection from around the globe as well as providing other useful resources to both the interested and the keen collector.  

I have a fairly large paper money collection which will take sometime to scan and make available for public viewing also it is a constantly expanding collection.  You may check my Latest Additions page for new banknotes appearing on this site. The notes I have on this site are for your viewing enjoyment only and are not for sale. 

Along with showcasing my banknote collection I have attempted to provide a small amount of background information for each countries currency.  My vision for this site is to make it like an online museum for everyone to enjoy.  If you think you can add something to this work please feel free to drop me a line.

Collecting world banknotes is an extremely fascinating hobby. Banknotes are a truly works of art, in which great skill is required to create these unique masterpieces,

Before going on to view my world paper money collection you must agree to the following terms of use:
You WILL NOT print any images of notes and try to pass them off as genuine. Counterfeiting is illegal, in many countries the penalty for counterfeiting can be just as severe as murder.
You WILL NOT use images from this website in a form that would misrepresent them as banknotes from your own collection or as banknotes that you have for sale, without clearly stating that this image is only an example of the banknote and not the actual banknote you have in your possession.

Images and content from this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
Basically what this means is you are free to distribute and modify any of the images and content from this site as long as you attribute its source in the manner specified by the author, (but not in any way that suggests that we endorse you or your use of the work) Also for any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.

As per the terms of the license, as the author, I require that attribution be given in the form of an active link back to this site.

An Example of acceptable attribution:
"Banknote image(s) copied from http://www.worldpapermoney.org and are licensed under the Creative Commons: Attribution 2.5 License."

You may use any of my banknote images as per the conditions above, other images which may be contained in this site which are note mine will be clearly labeled as such and you must seek permission of the original copyright holder to use their work.

The Banknote Collection
Click on the country of interest from the list below.  I have put in brackets next to the country how many banknotes are available for viewing, as more countries are added I will link this section to another page.

Afghanistan (17)
Albania (4)
Algeria (5)
Angola (4)
Argentina (39)
Armenia (22)
Aruba (19)
Australia (13)
Austria (6)
Azerbaijan (10)
Bahamas (63)
Bahrain (10)
Barbados (9)
Belarus (12)
Belgium (6)
Belize (1)
Bermuda (1)
Bhutan (11)
Bolivia (6)
Brazil (8)
Brunei (5)
Bulgaria (10)
Burundi (19)
Cambodia (19)
Canada (39)
Cape Verde (10)
Cayman Islands (18)
Central African Republic (3)
Central African States (20)
Chile (11)
China, Peoples Republic of (18)
Colombia (7)
Comoros (10)
Congo Dem. Rep. (18)
Cook Islands (4)
Croatia (17)
Cuba (1)
Cyprus (6)
Czech Republic (17)
Denmark (3)
Djibouti (5)
Dominican Republic (22)
Egypt (15)
El Salvador (14)
Eritrea (3)
Estonia (5)
European Union (11)
Faeroe Islands (7)
Falkland Islands (5)
Fiji (8)
Finland (9)
France (32)
French Polynesia (3)
Gambia (19)
Georgia (9)
Germany. Democratic Rep. (4)
Germany, Federal Rep. (24)
Ghana (11)
Gibraltar (11)
Greenland (1)
Guatemala (23)
Guinea (10)
Guyana (1)
Haiti (3)
Honduras (11)
Hong Kong (40)
Hungary (13)
Iceland (10)
India (52)
Indonesia (24)
Iraq (7)
Ireland (9)
Isle of Man (6)
Israel (4)
Jamaica (1)
Japan (6)
Jordan (11)
Kazakhstan (16)
Kenya (21)
Korea, North (11)
Korea, South (7)
Kuwait (5)
Kyrgyzstan (21)
Laos (13)
Latvia (9)
Lebanon (7)
Lesotho (12)
Liberia (6)
Libya (32)
Lithuania (15)
Luxembourg (7)
Macau (24)
Macedonia (9)
Madagascar (11)
Malawi (20)
Malaysia (16)
Maldives (8)
Malta (6)
Mauritania (5)
Mauritius (8)
Mexico (23)
Moldova (12)
Morocco (12)
Mozambique (6)
Namibia (8)
Nepal (30)
Netherlands (12)
Netherlands Antilles (7)
New Zealand (28)
Nicaragua (27)
Nigeria (14)
Norway (3)
Oman (12)
Pakistan (27)
Peru (16)
Philippines (11)
Poland (5)
Portugal (9)
Qatar (12)
Rhodesia (6)
Romania (12)
Rwanda (6)
Saint Helena (2)
Saudi Arabia (12)
Scotland (80)
Seychelles (3)
Sierra Leone (17)
Singapore (23)
Slovakia (22)
Slovenia (7)
Solomon Islands (10)
South Africa (6)
Sri Lanka (13)
Suriname (14)
Swaziland (7)
Switzerland (6)
Sweden (12)
Syria (6)
Taiwan R.O.C. (8)
Tajikistan (19)
Thailand (1)
Tonga (19)
Trinidad and Tobago (15)
Tunisia (6)
Turkey (12)
Turkmenistan (18)
Ukraine (27)
United Arab Emirates (22)
Uruguay (8)
USSR (9)
Uzbekistan (10)
Vanuatu (11)
Venezuela (15)
Zambia (15)
Zimbabwe (23)
Total Banknote count (2047) - Total Country count (155)

This section is dedicated to news articles from various sources on the internet about new banknote issues.  I have copied the articles here as to be a permanent archive for research purposes, all of the articles contain a link to the original article also the original source is always given.  If you would like to submit articles of your own or those which you think may be of interest to the people viewing this site please e-mail them to me and I will post them here, if it is a news article, please provide the original link so that I can give credit to the original source.

Bangladesh Bank to issue new 1,000 Taka note next Monday.
28 October 2007

For the first time, Tk 1000-denomination currency note will hit the country's money market from Monday next to meet the growing demand of the currency in the market.

"The highest denomination bank note will be released from the central bank's Motijheel office on Monday and later from all offices of the Bangladesh Bank (BB) gradually," BB Executive Director Khandakar Muzharul Haque told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

He also said the central bank will issue 200 million pieces of Tk 1000-denomination bank note initially.

"Currency in circulation almost doubled in the last ten years," Muzharul Haque said while explaining the need for issuing the note of highest denomination.

There is no plan to introduce Tk 5000 denomination bank note at present, he said while replying to a query. He also said no country in the world could assure that their notes would not be faked.

"We've tried our best to ensure security of the highest denomination bank note," the BB executive noted.

The notes have been printed by the Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Limited, a subsidiary organisation of the central bank.

The note is a little larger in size than other notes in circulation while the colour is reddish-violet. Besides many other security features of the note, signed by BB Governor Salehuddin Ahmed, it bears pictures of Shaheed Minar on the front and Curzon Hall of Dhaka University on the back.

The cause of blind people was also considered in minting the new note as they would easily feel five circles printed on the right side of the note after touching the currency note, officials said.

Managing Director of the Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Limited Abdullah Al Mamoon and senior officials were also present at the press conference.

Each of the notes cost Tk 3-4 for printing, Mamoon said while replying to a query, adding long-life paper has been used in making such bank notes.

Most of the countries in South Asia including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have already issued such currency notes.
- Source: Financial Express

For older stories check out THE ARCHIVE, all articles are sorted by country of relevance.

Here you will find links to other banknote related sites on the internet, the link pages will be sorted into three sections: Collectors, Dealers, Other sites of interest and Central Bank's websites.  I always love adding new links, if you would like a link to your website here please contact me and I will add it.

Private Collections (Still not active)
Collector Associations (Still not active)
Paper Money Dealers (Still not active)
Central Banks
Other sites of Interest (Still not active)

Please note, just because the name or link to a dealer is listed on this website, does not mean that I personally endorse this dealer or that I have done business with them.  These links are merely here for reference. I cannot accept responsibility should something go wrong with any of your dealings with any individual or dealers linked to from this website.

My personal philosophy is that people are basically honest and it is best to try to work things out, also many dealers belong to professional associations, should you have a problem you can sometimes seek help or arbitration from these organizations.

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If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or feel you have something to contribute to this site; Please feel free to send me an e-mail at contact@worldpapermoney.org. Thank you in advance for your e-mail, I look forward to hearing from you!

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