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Date Pick# Denomination Observations Obverse Reverse
21d 1 Riyal Sig. 8
4 Digit Prefix
Obverse Design: King Fahd and a depiction of an Amawi Dinar. Written in the centre of the coin in Arabic is: ‘There is no god but Allah’. Around the border is written: ‘Mohammed is God’s prophet sent with the correct religion, to be set above all other religions.’
Reverse Design: A typical view of the countryside, including wild flowers
22d 5 Riyals Sig. 8
Obverse Design: King Fahd and traditional boats of the Gulf
Reverse Design: Oil installations and oil wells
23d 10 Riyals Sig. 8
Obverse Design: King Fahd and al-Murabah Palace in Riyadh
Reverse Design: A view of a palm tree plantation
24c 50 Riyals Sig. 8
Obverse Design: King Fahd and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
Reverse Design: Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
27 20 Riyals Sig 8.
Obverse Design: King Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina
Reverse Design:  The KSA centenary logo and Jabal Al-Nour (Mountain of Light) in which is the grotto of Hira, chosen by Mohammed (peace be upon him) as a place of seclusion in which he meditated. It was in this grotto that he received the Revelation for the first time.
28 200 Riyals Sig 8.
100 Yr. Commemorative
Issued on 5 Shawwal 1419 H
Obverse Design: Left Side: King Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud Right Side: Gate in the western wall of al-Masmak Palace. Made of date palm and tamarisk wood, this gate is famous as the first place of battle that saw Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud commence his struggle to regain control of the Nejd for the House of Sa’ud
Reverse Design:  Centenary logo and the al-Masmak Palace in Riyadh.
It was on 5 Shawwal 1319H that King Abdul Aziz commenced the Unification of Saudi Arabia by the capture of the Palace.
29 100 Riyals Sig 8.
Obverse Design: King Fahd and a view of the domes and a minaret of the Prophet’s Mosque
Reverse Design:  Aerial view of the Prophet’s mosque.
30 500 Riyals Sig 8.
Obverse Design: King Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud and the Kaaba in the courtyard of the Holy Mosque
Reverse Design: Aerial view of the Holy Mosque in Mecca
2007 NEW 5 Riyals  
2007 NEW 10 Riyals  
2007 NEW 50 Riyals  
2007 NEW 100 Riyals  


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