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Article#0001        Date: 30 May 2006             Country: Armenia

YEREVAN, May 30. /ARKA/. A new banknote worth AMD 10 thousand is to be put in circulation on May 31, 2006.
The banknote is white-violet with Armenian poet Avetik Isaakyan picture on it.
There is Aragats Mount in the central part of the banknote. The size of banknote is 150x72mm. "Central Bank of Armenia" is written in Armenian at the top of the banknote. The Central Bank Chairman's and Finance Minister's signatures are seen on the right side.
"10000" and Armenian dram symbol are placed on the reverse side of the banknote. There is also fragment of Armenian city of Gyumri on the reverse side.
The Central Bank says that 10-thousand issued in 2003 that are in circulation now remain in force.
According to the CBA, banknotes totaling AMD 160404.7mln were in circulation by 2005. AMD 4412000 10-thousdnd bonds were in circulation or 27.51% of the total amount of bonds. ($1 - AMD 431.04). M.V. --0--

Original Article: http://www.arka.am/en/archive/n05/n3005/300501.html

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