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Date Pick# Denomination Observations Obverse Reverse
1989 29 500 Dollars  
Obverse Design: Map of Guyana and Bank's seal.
Reverse Design: Public buildings in Georgetown.

The history of the currency of Guyana
Guyana withdrew from the British West Indies Board in 1962, and on November 15, 1965, Guyana introduced the Guyana Dollar at par with the British West Indies Dollar. The Bank of Guyana issues the Guyana Dollar.

The Guyana dollar was introduced when Guyana became independent from Great Britain in 1966. Guyana withdrew from the British West Indies Board and the Bank of Guyana began to issue the Guyana dollar, replacing the East Caribbean Dollar at par.

The Guyana dollar’s ISO 4217 code is GYD and the dollar is divided into 100 cents. Banknotes currently in circulation come in denominations of $20, $100, $500 and $1000. Coins come in denominations of $1, $5 and $10. Due to inflation, cent coins are no longer used and banknotes lower then $20 have been replaced with coins. Like other dollar based currencies prices are expressed with a dollar sign “$”, to distinguish the Guyana dollar from other dollar currencies it is often written as GY$.

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