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Date Pick# Denomination Observations Obverse Reverse
1954 14c 10 Kroner  
1974 16a 10 Kroner  
1967 17 50 Kroner  
1975 18d 100 Kroner  
1978 20a 50 Kroner  
1994 20c 50 Kroner  
1983 21b 100 Kroner  

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Denmark: The Faeroe Islands is a Danish territory. They use the Danish krone as their currency however the Danish National Bank issues banknotes with special designs for use within the territory. 
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Greenland: The Danish territory of Greenland currently uses Danish banknotes and coins, but in the past they have used their own banknotes. The National Bank of Denmark plans to introduce special Danish kroner banknotes with different designs for use in Greenland in 2008.
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