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Date Pick# Denomination Observations Obverse Reverse
1968 20s 10 Francs  
1968 21s 20 Francs  
1968 22s 50 Francs  
1968 23s 100 Francs  
1968 24s 500 Francs  
1968 25s 1000 Francs  
1977 27s 20 Francs  
1977 28s 50 Francs  
1977 29s 100 Francs  
1977 30s 500 Francs  
1978 31s 1000 Francs  
1978 32s 5000 Francs  
1981 33s 10 Francs  
1981 34s 500 Francs  
2005 36 50 Francs  
2004 37 100 Francs  
2001 41s 2000 Francs  
1995 NEW 500 Francs  
2004 NEW 10,000 Francs  

The history of the Burundi franc
Burundi was a part of German East Africa from 1890 until the Belgians occupied it in 1916, Burundi became part of Belgian controlled trust territory of Ruanda-Urundi. Burundi became an autonomous territory in 1961, gained independence as an independent kingdom in 1962, and finally became a republic in 1966.

During German times, the German East African rupie circulated until 1916. After Belgium’s occupation of Burundi, the Belgian Congo franc circulated throughout Burundi. The Belgian territories of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi all used the same currency until 1960 when Congo left the currency union at which time the Banque d’Emission du Rwanda et du Burundi was established to issue banknotes. The Rwanda-Burundi franc was established at par with the Belgian franc. In 1964 the Banque du Royaume du Burundi was established and the new Kingdom of Burundi began issuing its own franc notes. In 1966 the role of issuing the national currency was taken over by the Banque de la Republique du Burundi, who has held that responsibility since.

The Burundi franc is divided into 100 centimes although since the currencies inception in 1964 no coin have been issued in centimes due to the low value. The currency’s ISO 4217 code is BIF, in Burundi prices are written using “FBu” after the amount i.e. 100 FBu is 100 francs.

Coins have been issued in denominations of 1, 5, and 10 FBu., although they are seldom if never used anymore due to their low value. Banknotes are currently issued in the following denominations, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10 000 francs.

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